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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Viral Power of Blogging

Among the lessons I've learned in publishing a novel is that the Internet is an amazing tool to spread ideas.  Blogging enables distribution of information at the headwaters of a network of connections that lead all sorts of unexpected places.

Last week's book review of One Summer in Arkansas by Aimee Whetstine on her popular blog "Everyday Epistle" has opened so many doors, especially among young people around the country who follow Aimee's work and respect her opinions.

Today, another popular blogger, Amy Heinz, whose parenting site "Using Our Words" is followed by many parents of young children, used some of the characters in One Summer in Arkansas to address the persistent specter of parenting gone wrong, including a giveaway of the book on her site:

When you undertake the serious work of writing something you hope will see the light of day, you expect to encounter challenges and to learn something along the way.  Sometimes you're surprised at what that turns out to be.

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