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Friday, January 18, 2013

‘One Summer in Arkansas’ Book Review by Aimee Whetstine

Marcia Kemp Sterling’s first novel One Summer in Arkansas draws readers into the “intoxicating warmth” of a southern summer, from Thomas Hinton’s soulful cover art to the final twist of resolution.

The story spins around small-town golden boy Lee Addison. His smarts, hard work, and genes are about to pay off. At the behest of his mother, Lee returns to his hometown of Riverton in rural Arkansas to spend one last summer there between graduating from Stanford Law School and beginning his career. It’s the early 90s, and Lee is poised for success in the sleek, corporate law firms of San Francisco. But Lee’s last summer in Riverton resurrects a tangle of abandonment, addiction, murder, passion, and sullied histories that rise to burn with the summer temperatures.

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  1. Marcia,
    I just finished an almost non stop reading of your book and loved it. You are such a fluid and easy writer. I loved your sense of place, the characters and story. It was wonderful. You take my breath away. Thank you!

  2. As a fellow Arkansas High School graduate (Class of 1975), I was thrilled to read your book. Many of the places and people are drawn with a definite Southern Arkansas flair. The book kept me engaged and made me keep reading. Congratulations on what I hope is your first of many novels.

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